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Housing for local needs

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Who we are

Wales Rural Housing Enablers (RHEs) are a network of independent experts working in rural communities across Wales supporting the delivery of homes for local people. A pilot RHE project was implemented in 2004 in Monmouthshire and South Powys; since then the network has grown and now covers the majority of rural Wales.

The RHEs are supported by a variety of funders including the Welsh Government, local authorities, national parks and affordable housing providers.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation identified the importance of the RHE role by providing a brokering service between communities and other parties involved in the development of rural housing. The RHE ensures that the community and those in housing need are the focus of any project.

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  • Powys Rural Housing Newsletter

  • Evaluation of the Rural Housing Enablers in Wales

    The evaluation explores the effectiveness of the Rural Housing Enabler (RHE) role, management and funding of the posts and the barriers and opportunities that impact on the RHEs’ ability to deliver affordable homes in rural communities. The report concludes with an integrated package of recommendations for those working with and managing RHE posts, local policy makers and Welsh Government. These focus on strengthening practice and policy and providing long term funding for RHE posts.